There is ADWARE on my computer that closes my windows and restarts my computer?

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I have Windows 10, Avast Anivirus, this has started right after my Malwarebytes trail expired.
There is adware claiming to be MCAFFE and Windows Firewall popping up on my computer and i cannot get rid of it becasue it closes my windows. After a while a full screen adware comes up ontop of all my open windows such

I have Windows 10, Avast Anivirus, this has started right after my Malwarebytes trail expired.
There is adware claiming to be MCAFFE and Windows Firewall popping up on my computer and i cannot get rid of it becasue it closes my windows. After a while a full screen adware comes up ontop of all my open windows such as this one, AVAST SAFE BROWSER. It cannot close Avast or this browser but it is trying to. I must be fast when typing this because the full screen popup is impossible to work around.

How can i remove this extremely annoying and advanced adware?? I am unable to open any other windows other than avast safe browser. I have tried task manager and cmd prompt but those close within 2 seconds, however, windows explorer does not, i can roam to the folder where the process is running and try to delete it but because its running, it will not. I dont even know if that will solve the problem

I am completely lost, unless someone can help, i think i might have to wipe my HDDs
ALSOOOO, avast is "scanning" my computer but hasnt detected a single ******* infected file so this must be some advanced virus/adware/malware idk what its called. I would take a screen show

i manged to take this screen shot and copy the link within 3 seconds before it was closed by the adware.


ive just been hit by the full screen adware that goes ontop of my safezone browser. there is a workaround, i can ctrl+alt+del and sign out and sing back into my windows account even though i just have 1. the full screen ad goes away

Best Answer:

ChrisLol: UPDATE:make it on another system from this link.…

UPDATE: In your situation I would find another clean system to download it.

UPDATE: At this point you are stuck between a rock and a hard spot. You can't wipe a CD unless it is a RW. Remember CD only hold 700MB give or take. If you have Broadband internet connection and Drop Box you can boot to Linux Mint and upload your files.

Booting Linux Mint from a CD is OK but backing up your files to CD is going to take forever. 32GB thumb drives are only $10 to $20 at Wal Mart. They are the best way. Even if you have to wait I would still go that route. You can pick and choose anything you want they are your files. If it comes right down to it, just backup what you can not download off the internet once you have dome your fresh install.

UPDATE: You never had 500 pieces of spyware. SUPERAntiSpyware will find that many on a clean freshly loaded system. It is designed to trick you into buying its pro version. At this point I recommend that you back everything up and do a fresh install of 10. There are two reason I recommend this. The first is if you have a virus that can not be detected by ESET or Malwarebytes in safe mode then its is safely lodge in your system or is to new to be found in the wild yet. The second is SUPERAntiSpyware is malware in my opinion and is more smoke and mirrors then anything else. Think about it, do you really believe you had 500 pieces of SPYWARE on your system.

I strongly recommend that you back up everything up using a Linux based OS so nothing bad is running when you do the backup. For this you will need a bootable thumb drive(flash drive) so you can boot the lappy. This will also allow you to verify that the lappy and its hard drive is good and all you have is a Windows problems. You will need to find a working puter to download Unetbootin USB installer. You need to read the instruction carefully and know a little about Linux to use this. There can be dragons present if you do not understand what your doing. I make no guarantees.

Once you make the bootable thumb drive you need to add a OS for it to boot. I recommend Linux Mint ISO. Its UI is similar to Windows. Download Cinnamon 32bit.

If you have a Windows 8 or above then you need to turn off secure boot and select boot from USB before using the thumb drive. The thumb drive boot will also allow you to check out the rest of the puter. It helps to have a thumb drive or a external drive hooked up when you boot so you can copy your data and files to.

If it has a CD/DVD you can burn Linux Mint ISO right to a CD and boot with it.

Once you got the bootable thumb drive created, insert it into one of the USB ports. Also plug in the medium you selected to copy your files to. Press the power button and start tapping the F key that opens your boot menu. Select the USB thumb drive and it will boot to a menu asking if you want to start Linux Mint. Click on Mint and let the system boot. Find your hard drive and copy your files to your back up medium. If the hard drive is a SATA drive it will show as sda. If it has partitions then the first partition (C Drive) will show as sda1, the next partition will show as sda2 and so on. If you have 2 drives the next drive will show as sdbx. X being the partitions if it has any. Normally external drives show as sdd or sde. I have seen Linux recover data that people claimed could not be recovered. Keep in mind while looking for your files, and this is a Vista or above version of Windows, that you have to find your USER folder. The folder will look something like this. \Users\nameofuser\Documents. Repeat that for music, pictures, and videos.

Once you have your files backed up than you need to do a fresh install of 10. If you have a brand name system you can use the recovery partition to do a fresh install. If you downgraded to 10 from a previous version then the info below will help.

If you upgraded to or have 10 you can create a install/repair thumb drive with the link below. This will allow you to try to repair 10 first and if that does not work do a fresh install. Make sure you have a good product key and all the drivers before starting a fresh install.

If you post the make and model then I can might be able to give more help in doing a fresh install.

You can find my more aggressive method at the link below.

Other answer:

The two most powerful scanners that exist on the Internet are Virus Total (for small files) and Herd Protect for entire systems scanning.
Both are cloud based and as such cannot be defeated by a virus/malware residing in your computer.
The power of these two Security Programs lies in the fact that they incorporate most of the security programs on the internet into one large powerful scanner this way you do not have to download install and update all the individual scanners one by one which is the old-fashioned way.
All the virus definitions are at the server.
Also it has a better chance of defeating your problem, because even though many antivirus may detect an infection not all will have the knowledge to defeat it.
HerdProtect will attack the malware using every security program that detected it and that way you have a better chance one of them has solved how to destroy it.
Herd Protect is a portable app, no need to install/uninstall or download tonnes of definitions. It is designed by one of Microsofts head of security who is also the same person who developed Microsofts SpyNet.
Years ago when there were fewer viruses etc we only needed a few security companies to handle our needs.
Those days are gone, lost forever, too many hackers out there.
Now, instead of scanning one by one the newer generation security uses multi-scanners in one, saves time.
I use a 12 antivirus program called secure A plus for the last year. Four years ago I found a research project at a USA University using a 12 engine cloud based antivirus, but it got scrapped.
Last year I found Secure A Plus which is now the internets most powerful antivirus cause it uses 12 antiviruses in one AVG, Avira, Bitdefender etc etc.
Hackers use latest technology to hack us.
If you think you can defeat them using older methods then I hope you succeed, but newer methods now exist, trying to get the info out is the only problem.