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After 9pm usually, my wifi gets really slow and crappy. The speed comes to a grinding halt, and constantly disconects! It's really annoying. Any clues as to why this might be happening?

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Compare the WiFi performance to the Ethernet performance. If it still happens, its congestion in the area as prime time is rather popular. If it doesn't happen, reconfigure the WiFi to use a different channel. In the US, nearly every router uses channel 1, 6, or 11. If you can pick up a lot of neighbors, they too use those channels and when everyone uses them at the same time, it can get slow and choppy. So change the channel to a less congested one. Android phones can run WiEye to find those.
It's not anything on your end, just that it's a popular time that people use their phones/tablets/computers (this is known as the internet rush hour) and it can gum up the internet in your area.
I suspect it is a result of hackers. Change the SSID, replace the PSK with a very strong one, and Implement MAC address validation. This will keep them out
Someone is using it at that time