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My brother is trying to find somebody to take his spot in an apartment that he doesn't want to be in anymore. He put it up on craigslist for somebody who could take his part of the lease, and he got this email and it seems strange and I don't know whether it is real or safe or not, I need help deciding that.
She says that she is coming from Switzerland and her boss would contact him as well so I've not a clue why they would be looking here in the southeast us

Best Answer:

Joe: Total scam. There is no reason a company would send you a check and have you send back a portion (and it will be a big portion) for the flight fee.

The check will turn out to be counterfeit after you send the money and you'll be faced with repaying ALL the money including the portion you already sent. In some states, you could also face criminal charges.

Just ignore it, it's a scam and a very common one.

Other answer:

That's a money mule scam and he is going to end up owing his bank the full amount of the check and face federal bank fraud and money laundering charges
Tell her sorry and forget it – he found someone local who can pay in cash and move in this weekend
If the proposal sounds bad it is bad. Since you don't give us more details thats the best I can suggest.
You are not renting to someones boss you are renting to them and they need to sort out with whoever they want, you ( or your brother) certainly doesn't