Somebody hacked into my hotmail and sent everyone spam. How can I find out who he is? I have his ip address:

Home » Security » Somebody hacked into my hotmail and sent everyone spam. How can I find out who he is? I have his ip address:
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Nobody hacked your hotmail. You are more than likely infected with Malware or some virus. In other words, you handed them your hotmail account.

Grab a free copy of malwarebytes at Install and run the scan. Clean off anything it finds.

If that doesn't completely solve the issue, you should now be able to do a system restore to a point prior to the problem (unless you've let it sit for a long time and that restore point is no longer available).

If you still can't get it, I recommend using a service to clean your PC, like they will remotely access your PC while you watch and clean it up!

That's the IP address for ghost surfs software
You have nothing! These turkeys aren't dumb they get a virgin mobile internet box from Walmart use ghost surf or a proxy and do their dirty work and they are gone.

It's getting almost impossible to track the real location of a person by il address when you can buy a cheap wifi thingy off walmarts shelf for $49.95

Good luck.

It's a dynamic IP that belongs to Suddenlink in northern California. Good luck finding out who it might be exactly without a court order.
Use some Linux distro, don't use wifi, make sure the ethernet cable between your computer and the modem is untapped, learn to recognize phishing sites, don't use the hotmail password on other forums or social networks, make your password pseudo-random(example "R@nd0mHorc3T@pe_M1ss1ss1pp1" easy to remember but hard to crack), don't let the browser save your passwords. And you wont get hacked again
You might want to try changing your email address – It's a pain I know but be more careful – Tell hotmail to see if they can help.
Just report it to your local police and contact Hotmail if their even still up.
That IP is from Antarctica . Sorry you can't get him cuz no Interpol there
Steven C:
These people are smart, do not mess with them. change your password and move on.