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I will never upgrade to windows 10. On Video Editing beast of a computer, it runs windows 7, this computer I am on runs windows 8, and is not upgrade-able in any way and the laptop hooked to our TV, which supplies all of our entertainment needs with KODI is windows 10. The reason my Video editing beast Desktop, with 4 fan, 4 2 TB HD running Raid 5, a 2 GB Graphics card and a surround Sound Audio card installed, on a 64 Bit motherboard, will stay win 7 forever, because this equipment will not run windows 10
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You can upgrade and get Windows 10 activated on your computer, then before 30 days is up, return to your original Windows OS with Windows 10 installed and ready to go within a year ( for free ), when you no longer have support for your current Windows operating system or are ready for the change. Just remember, you'll have only the one year to get Windows 10 back for free.
They upgrade to windows10 pro, windows 10 has added more unnecessary graphics which slows down whole functions some office utilities are good but upgrade is not to the professional version.
If your computer is compatible with Windows 10, I don't see any reason not to. But it's VERY crucial that you make sure yours is compatible first. There are 1000s of issues here on YA you can see where the users are stuck with computers that have device hardware incompatibility with Win 10. Device hardware incompatibility is not uncommon when changing operating systems. But it is rampant with Win 10. Motherboards, chipsets, audio cards, video cards, some printers, some scanners, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse – these are the ones that have the most issues. Just check the manufacturer website for each of your models and see if it's compatible and if not if there is a Win 10 driver you need to install.
YES.. Go for it. Bcs in the future directx 12 will come.. And if your graphic card is compatible then it will be a lot of performance improvement. And also windows 10 has better user interface. 😉
If you want. But you should read the ENTIRE license agreement. If you are ok with Microsoft spying on you, and all the other hidden inconveniences, then yes, you should upgrade.
you have until 7/30 to do it for free
you have until 7/30 to do it for free
you have until 7/30 to do it for free