Should someone be able to find a programming job if they have a B.S. in Computer Science?

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yeah, computer science covers a lot of very important information required to be a good programmer.
CS focuses on theory and abstraction which means that right out of school you may not have a lot of hands on experience with programming especially with complex projects. people in programming specific programs may have a bit more hands on experience but these programs often dont cover the theory that a CS program will give you. a CS program combined with some serious hands on experience can make you an insanely good programmer.

another type of program that does great in finding programming jobs is software engineering.

yes, univeritsity's career section should have a full time job opening with easy requirement. salary as uni IT staff maybe low but include lots of holiday, sick days.

warning : if you quit then ex-co-workers may still send email asking about how to modify your code. if you quit without having another job ready, that would suck.

it definitely improves their chances, but the individual needs more than a degree to get a job. Intelligence, personality, even personal hygiene all come into play.
The degree gets you an interview. Your skills and technical abilities get you a job.
If they are good at it and didn't google every thing or ask on yahoo answers "how do i do a for loop to count to 10"
you should take Computer Programming. CS is more for network and sysadmins.
Yes. But it depends where and how flexible you are…