Should I upgrade cat 5e to cat6?

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I have 200Mbps/20Mbps , but speed test show me at 110/11 ish. This is a wired connection with a modem that can handle far higher speeds.

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randomperson: No. Cat 5e is rated to run up to 1000Mb/sec (1Gig) which is well in excess of your Internet speeds. Unless you are going to try to run 10Gig over copper, you have no need of Cat 6 cabling.

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no… there is no benefit unless you are running copper to and from 10Gigibit devices in that case use cat 6 but every other time use cat 5e.
Cat5e is rated gigabit speeds up to 100M, so no need to change it unless you plan on going 10 gigabits sometime soon.
Unless every device on your network is using Gigabit ethernet adapters, this won't make any difference.
UNLESS you have very long Runs. Over 30 Meters.
Short runs in your office makes no difference.
Laurence I:
only if you need to use gigabit connections/speed