Should I take a year off school and learn to develop mobile apps?

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I m currently a 3rd year computer science student at university. I don t like my classes and feel i d learn better by doing things, should i take a year off or possibly quit school to start mobile development then web development?

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Let's see if I got this right – you want to DROP OUT of a learning institution because you don't like learning, in order to learn something new.


First, it's not the class's fault that you don't like the classes – go look in the mirror!

Second, if you can't learn inside the class, what makes you think you can learn on your own without an instructor?

Remember, "Quitting is the hardest habit to quit!"

My advise would be that just maybe you should just change your major to something that you WOULD enjoy learning, rather than pretending that you can learn something that you obviously have no interest in!

maybe you enter sabbathical year.
ppl usually take sabbathical leave in sabbathical year.
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I don't know where you live. In US, most students are off for the summer, so you could learn during that break.

If you have a different schedule, then wait for whenever your regular break is.

You should get a Computer Science degree to be able to get a good job in programming.
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as long as you wont be a burden to anyone including yourself
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