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i want to do network security degree
im good with computers etc but i hate math, and i dont even know the basics of math

havent completed my hsc therefor
can we study network security without math knowledge

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♛ Nicolas ♛:
computers deep down are heavily based on math. security is especially based on math as things like cryptography are just applications of mathematical methods. if you go into a degree for network security you will need to learn math.
if you want to get into networking with as little math as possible look for lower level post secondary programs specializing in physical network management not on a degree level.
certifications like the CCNA are great because they are highly desirable in the industry and don't have a lot of math in them. they also prove to employers that you have direct hands on experience with the technology in question. many degrees may teach you the theory behind security and networking but you will find a severe lack of hands on experience.
You could try a CISCO course like a CCNA. That might introduce you to networking basics. You may also want a computer science degree. Perhaps have a look at job descriptions and see what the requirements are.

There are some free MIT units at:…

Yes, its good for career