Should i get a wireless mouse or wired mouse for gaming? What do u prefer?

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Robert J:
Just make sure the receiver is somewhere so it is line-of-sight from the mouse, eg. just behind the monitor.

Putting one in the back of a metal desktop case means there is no direct signal path & you can get dead spots and erratic operation.

Plus, the interference from the motherboard can mess up any form of wireless device connected directly to it – WiFi, Bluetooth etc.
They should always be on extension cables for best operation.
This style is excellent – you can put wireless dongles where they get the best signals:…

Some keyboards have a USB port built in – that can work very well for a wireless mouse dongle.

(And as a point of note, the more recent UHF wireless mice have far faster response times than older wired types..)

I use a Logitech M705 mouse with the receiver in the back of a Corsair K70 keyboard.
It is without doubt the best mouse I have ever used (out of several dozen big-name ones).

Id go with a wireless mouse. No cords or pissing you off and it looks better. Don't worry about lag or price because to me all wireless mouses are technically the same and never lag. Purchase a wireless mouse which to you feels comfortable
I prefer a wireless and i also recommend it. By the way…can you take a look at my last question…would like some suggestions. Thx 🙂

wireless, in all its forms, should be absolutely shunned where gaming is concerned. wireless connections too easily cause connection lag

i have a wireless one on my desktop and it works great, no failers.