Should I buy Avast! or get the free version?

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My Mom says she won t download any free anti-viruses, but is there even a difference?

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Avast and panda are great free antivirus both are ad supported the only difference between the paid and free version is ads Avast is the best antivirus Free or paid!

Panda is best if your RAM poor!

Under no circumstance will I use avg.

Or automatic virus generator .

Time and time again I use avasts boot time scan to rescue computers from the crap left by other paid anti virus!

Avast has to be good it has to be better to demonstrate with the free version that it's worth paying the$30

The Avast free version gets very good reviews. However, if you are going to pay, you should look at Kaspersky Internet Security, which normally gets the best scores in anti-virus program tests.

I hope this helps.

The Avast free version is just as good as the paid for version. Tell your mom she can get it here and this is a legit site.…
The paid version has some different tools such as a file shredder to protect files against recovery, and tool that keep your other programs updated. However the actual virus checker part of the program is the same as what you get with the free one. If your mother is offering to pay though, then there's no reason not to go with the paid version.
If you're going to pay, I highly suggest Malwarebytes 3.0. Hands down better than any other antivirus listed, as well as top notch malware protection that NONE of the others provide.