Should I buy a flashy expensive laptop? or a boring cheaper one?

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It s got to be either an Alienware 13 R3 with touchscreen (£$£$£) or a boring but dependable Thinkpad T460p (less money)?

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If it's just for homework or basic web browsing, then get a cheaper one. You don't need much for those kinds of tasks. Something like a Pentium and 8gb of ram would work fine.

If you want to run AAA titles, stream, do video editing, etc. then I recommend staying away from a laptop all together and getting a desktop instead. A laptop with the specs to keep up with today's titles is going to be expensive and you'd get much more bang for your buck with a desktop.

Spec wise, you'd want something with an i5, 8gb ram, and a video card with at least 4 gb vram.

If you're buying a laptop because you think it will impress people, that's sad. Save the money. Be an interesting, social person instead of trying to have your laptop make you cool (it won't).
Save the money for rainy days. You never when know emergency strikes. You may need sudden money for hospitalization, family matters, education, retirement, repairing house, etc

Open bank account & save every extra penny. Even, though banks don't pay high interest – but, money remains safe. Live on frugal life – cook food at home, use public transport or use own bicycle, go on cheap vacations, etc

If you want to play high video games, then better invest in desktop gaming computer, instead of gaming laptops like Alienware. Building your own gaming PC is easy & can easily be upgraded in future. They also cost less compared to gaming laptops.

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If you don't plan to play high end games & just need something for daily computing needs, then go with basic laptop that meets all your requirements – like this one –…

A-Theist 🏊:
Cheap i3 or i5 laptop + a desktop. Your gamers instincts will thank me.
Andy T:
Specs, save us some time, as usual, what's the intended and unintended use? Are you game with it or not?
Depends on what use for that laptop.
RommEl Chong:
smoke some weed and watch sci/fi movies and like decide later
flashy obviouslt
Depends on what you want to do with it!