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They blocked me from making posts and sending messages on my FaceBook, for using the word: Idiot, the rest was not insulting, because the guy I was talking to, was kind of attacking other religious people, but probably didn't block him for it.

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Suing them will lead to nowhere. Next time, follow rules, even if you think you're on the right side. Besides, there are a thousand ways to call someone an id*t without using that word, right? From what I've learned, the more civilized a person is, the more creative he gets when insulting someone else. Only those with very limited vocabulary resort to vulgar words.
No you should not in Addition I dont think it was the word that you used that got you blocked you probably were abusing it like spamming messages or posts that probably got you Blocked and its there Site they can do what they want

If you tried to Sue Facebook you would not get very far they have lots of $$$$$ really good Lawyers and you would lose

You seem to be operating under the illusion that "Freedom of Speech" applies to Facebook. It doesn't.

It's their web page, and they are the final decision makers as to what can be posted, and who can post it.

Also, you don't get blocked for one little infraction. It may have been the last straw + camels back. Probably a good idea to go and read their terms and conditions and see what rules you have been breaking to avoid getting blocked again. Don't like their term? Fine, you are free to go and use another web site.

Do you have the original message thread that you have used the word "Idiot" in? The images should help determine if you can get unblocked.
Some people may have found your messages offensive, so you could have gotten blocked that way.

Also, I do not think you can sue Facebook, because blocking people/getting blocked is part of user agreement when you signed up.

You shot your face off ( a very common thing on the internet because people seem to think they can say what ever they want without repercussions ) and facebook gave you a lesson in reality……
Of course not. They are a private entity. Think about it this way, you have the right of freedom of speech by the 1st Amendment, but if you trash talk your boss even just a little bit, and your super sensitive boss fires you, you can't sue them. You used your freedom of speech, and your boss didn't like it. Now, it sounds silly to me but legally, Facebook didn't do anything wrong to you.