Should Eugenia Cooney be banned from youtube? plz. don't leave hate just state your answer respectfully.?

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deanyourfriendinky: This is the real world. If she is a Citizen of the United States of America, she has rights, and we must respect those rights. If she is endangering her life and the lives of others, there are legal ways to squash that. But banning her from YouTube for having a different outlook than ordinary folks is hardly the solution that is needed here.

It's nice to want to help someone in crisis, but there are legal ramifications and potential lawsuits. Who wants to be dragged into court for having signed a petition to ban an ordinary U.S. Citizen's use of a public forum?

Banning her from YouTube might cause her to "go over the edge" and take her life more quickly. Who wants to be responsible for that?

A more crafty, creative method to help her needs to be found.

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After having watched this video… I think that the two guys who seem to be concerned about her are nearly onto the solution. But I also think that she has expressed her opinion about the entire topic, and it's a fine line between helping someone and controlling someone. I'm very much against a group of people dictating the life-style choices of another person until that person's life is actually in danger (or that person is directly harming other people's lives). I'm also against a group of people controlling someone else's harmless personal expression on a public forum (so long as he or she is not directly endangering the lives of other people).

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Life is uncertain. You never know when you're going to die, or from what. I think that it's important for people to love each other while they're alive. Love can mend many maladies. Rather than stifling her YouTube vlogs, I think it's more helpful to express positive, caring responses motivated by love (agape, storge, phileo) rather than fear and control.

Other answer:

No. At least, not for the reason stated by the "petition."

Seriously, if we're going to start banning people who we think "have a negative influence" then why not start with racists and bigots? Next let's go after religious zealots, politicians, and how about celebrities like the Kardashian clan?

And who gets to decide what's "offensive" anyways?

No. If everything considered offensive was removed from the internet there wouldn't be anything on the internet.
If ( for what ever reason ) she wants ( or feels the need ) to look like somebody out of a prison of war death camp…..who cares…….
If in her mind ( regardless if it is sound in thought )….she wants to suffer for the consequences of her actions later on in life…….who cares….

No one is forcing you to watch / listen or follow……