Recieved call from Indian guy telling me he is from Microsoft. Is this a scam?

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He called me and said my computer has been hacked and tryed to get me to open viewers programme and change settings around. I hung up thinking it was a scam. Was I right?.
I have web root security and it says everything is fine.

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Yes, this is mostly likely a scam. Microsoft do not have the numbers of all the microsoft users numbers and also Microsoft do not randomly call their costumers up saying how they have been hacked. There are many people getting hacked and they never get help from microsoft and you'd be like the one in a million to get a call. So this implies that it is most likely spam.
Yes, this is a well known scam. I'm actually surprised they're still trying to do this since it's so old and well known.

What happens is they have you allow remote access and then they have you download malware. Then they try to charge you something like 150 bucks to remove the malware.

Also, MS will never call you. MS doesn't offer technical support on OEM products that came preloaded on a computer such as a Dell, HP, Acer, etc. You're pretty much on your own if you have a problem.

Check Youtube, there are plenty of parodies and jokes about those Windows scams.

I am an Indian, I worked with Microsoft couple of years prior..

What you did was appropriate, I would have done the same.

Isn't it logical for microsoft employees to receive calls from customers, than other way round ?

Moreover, Indian employees of microsoft are never trained to call home users, unless the caller permits them to…

In microsoft, we are trained to serve the customers who call us…

However, whether your computer is hacked or safe is a matter of seconds for Indian computer engineers to find out, the hacker might use your back account details to withdraw money..

If you allow an Indian Like me, I shall fix the computer in no time…

Trust me, No scam…

It depends as if someone said that they are calling from Microsoft then it is a pure scam, but if someone said that they are microsoft certified professional and calling on behalf of third party support company (note: check the reviews of the company) then it is not a scam and they charge you for removing virus from your system, sometime they give this service free of charge if you are their new customer or may give you some discount, so now you are in a position to judge who is a real scammer 😉
Yes it's a scam. Microsoft never calls anyone. Never let
a caller like that have access to your computer of give them
any personal information.
Yes, it's a scam. Microsoft has absolutely no way to know what is on your computer. The person calling probably wanted to gain access to your computer so he could install ransomware. Then he would demand money from you before you would be allowed to log in again. You were smart to hang up.
Pat Wooden:
Yes, it was a scam. One of the main red flags is the fact that a stranger asked you to change your computer settings. Anybody can say they're from Microsoft. When major companies discover technical problems, they don't make phone calls about them! That's as bad as a stranger asking for your password. Never, never do either! If you had changed your settings, you would have given him access to all the information on your computer, including passwords, credit card information, bank account information, etc. Congratulations on checking first before acting!
It's a scam.
Microsoft never calls people or anything. You're fine.
If I were you, I'd block the phone number that they used to call you though.
YES. 100% SCAM. Microsoft does not call anybody.