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I used to use Chrome all the time but have lost interest in the browser but I now own a chromebook. I need reasons to like using Chrome again, why do you prefer it?
Not really any different from Firefox in my opinion in terms of speed and Firefox uses less RAM

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Andrew: ☆The way it synchronizes with all the devices (Bookmarks,Password) and especially and it's neat .
☆It may consume lots of memory but still it works well and if you're not much happy with chrome there's a new Browser named Google Canary that's better faster than chrome but it's still in development but the recent build is okay.
☆The extensions ; that's the main reason I love chrome you can add various amount of extensions also themes for your browser etc.

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Reasons for using Chrome: being a pleb
Reasons for using Firefox: right now i got like 200 tabs opened
Google Chrome has lot of free extensions that can be used for your web browsing. Moreover it is simple and user-friendly.
Firefox is garbage compared to Chrome, it's MUCH slower and uses a similar amount of RAM.

On a Chromebook, you don't have any options other than Chrome.

Google Chrome is way ahead when it comes to Internet use. It's also owned and thus backed up by a mighty corporate enterprise.…

Chrome is very good, but I am still partial to Firefox.
You can allow immediate hunt and as you type, you will see search results on the address bar. No need to wait for the Google Search Results page to load.
Ahad Arzi:
Chrome is user friendly and faster. Moreover, it is easy to use.
First its fast and then its property of google bing and google property anything search easily