R9 380 4gb or GTX 960 4gb?

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Unless I was getting a killer price on one of them, I would opt for a GTX 1050ti instead.

At that point you might as well pick up an RX 470 instead. It's close to 40% faster than a GTX 1050ti and it 30 bucks more. You can get an RX 470 on amazon for $170.

How much are they? I would instead choose the 1050ti or 1060. If you had a link to the pages that these cards were on it would help a lot. There are no less than a half dozen different kinds of GTX 960s. SSC? OC? Gigabyte? MSI? EVGA? Asus?
R9 380.
Easily the 960, more support for games and no stupid AMD drivers which take an age to figure out. Also supports new and old types of software. E.g. PhysX
The 380 will beat a 960, but the 1050 Ti pulls less power (75W vs 190W) costs less, and performance is equal to or slightly better than the 380.
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