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I am getting a Corsair RMx 750w PSU, 2 Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 founders edition (8gb each) and the ASUS z170 Deluxe. DOes the GPU have enough cables to power both GPUs and the MOBO?

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nate: The power supply comes with 4 6+2 pin PCIe connectors. Each can either be used as a single 6-pin or a single 8-pin depending on what the graphics card needs. The 1070 FE needs a single 8-pin connector. 750W will be enough to power the entire setup, but you may want to consider the 850W model of that PSU because power supplies are quieter under less load and are most efficient between 50%-67% load.

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Corsair RM750x is a good power supply made by Channel Well Technologies with 80+ Gold Efficiency and should have a 10 year warranty. It is rated at 750 watts continuous power at 50C and 62.5Amps at +12V with 4x(6+2) PCIe power connectors fully modular. The full power supply power is available at 12V.
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ASUS z170 Deluxe is rated 3/5 eggs at by customer reviews, and 3.7/5.0 at Amazon.
Despite its strong features, customers do report issues to consider. It is SLI capable.

A standard build shows 517 watts peak, and with CPU overclock use 530 watts and with peripherals will use 550W peak
550/750 = 73.3% load and 12V load can only be lower.…

The power supply is considered adequate at least.
It has the needed cables.
You need an SLI bridge that may or may not be included with the graphics cards.

Add: Thumbs-down without a comment explaining an error is worthless. I saw the "GPU" as a typo for PSU.

The GPU has no cables…..your PSU is what has the power connectors….
Yousuf Khan:
Check it out for yourself, it has more than enough cables:…

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