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Hi , i need a Program to change the IP Address every few seconds (like 1 to 5) , or the best program that can do it just in few seconds only
sorry everyone , i forgot that i can use proxies switchers too , but i don't know any fast program that can do this.. i need it atleast to be changing every 30 seconds , less are greater

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Won't work, no matter which IP you are trying to change. First, you can't change your public IP, the one your ISP gives to your service.
Second, changing your internal IP every 1 to 5 seconds will cause problems as it takes that long for any broadcast to announce you are on the LAN at the new address, By then, you change it again. Thus, no network activity will be available in your PC that is switching IP that quickly. Your PC will effectively be disconnected from the LAN in a functional way.
Which IP address, you private address on your internal network or your public address on the Internet.

Your private address you might be able to change either by performing "ipconfig /release" followed by "ipconfig /renew" or you could have a pool of private IP addresses outside the router's DHCP address pool but in the router's subnet that randomly picks an address from the pool you have reserved and uses the appropriate netsh command to assign that randomly selected address to the interface.

If you are talking about your public address, forget it. You have no control over the public address as this is assigned by your ISP.

If you achieve your goal, expect your network/Internet performance tto take a major nose dive as it can take a few seconds for the networks to learn of the change and recover from it. You send a request to a remote site, then change your address before the response comes back. Eventually the comms stack in you computer will decide the response has been missed and send the request again. This can take seconds (or even minutes for email clients) and by the time the request is retransmitted, the address may be about to change again.

Generally, changing your IP address is a pointless exercise. It has zero effect on security and will cause you a lot of pain if it is changing several times each minute. If you try doing it with your public IP address it will probably fail and will certainly attract the attention of your ISP who might start investigating what is happening and why.

I hope this helps.

Tracy L:
WHY? If you expect to communicate with ANYTHING changing the IP before you finish will assure you will not communicate! Say you request a page from Yahoo, change IP's, the page request is lost as it will be returned to the IP that requested the page!

If you intend to send an email then change IP then send, change IP you will need hundreds or thousands of PUBLIC IP's… which you can not get! Spammers have limits too!

If you just want anonymity you could use a Internet Proxy (or VPN), there's such a program that automatically changes between proxys (ie: proxy switcher ), will change what the remote server sees as your IP but probably won't change every 5secs.
You will need to contact a Hollywood scriptwriter who could conjure up such a thing for you. Meanwhile in the real world that is not how things work.