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Hey everyone. I was trying to copy and paste the source program written in GWBASIC but I didn't allow me to do so. Kindly help How can I copy the program from GWBASIC to clipboard 🙁 🙁

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Cynosure Adi:
GWBasic is a DOS program, and DOS did not have a clipboard.

To copy your source to the clipboard, you'll need to (a) save the program in ASCII (plain text) format, and (b) open that ASCII file with a Windows text editor to do the copy.

Normally, GWBasic files are stored in a "tokenized" format for faster execution. To get an ASCII copy of the file, use:

SAVE "newname.bas",A

After that you can open newame.bas with Notepad (or any other Windows text editor) and then highlight and copy what you want.

Holy DOS 3.3 batman, that brings back some memories. I haven't thought about GWBASIC since QBASIC in DOS5.0 and above. But yea, you could save it as anything and then re-open it in pc-basic (which is a gwbasic emulator)
The GWBASIC source should be simply a plain text file. What program are you using to open the file?
You can SAVE "FILE.TXT",A and open the file in Notepad.