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I have fragmented the disk, I have run anti-virus and found no threats, run countless clean up tools and unistalled un needed software, what else could be making my PC running on Windows 7 so slow?

Other answer:

If many temp file give computer then possible Windows 7 is slow.
Because it's windows 7. Sorry to be blunt, but it's just old. Invest the money in a new Acer, or Asus computer. Avoid McAffee and buy Norton to keep your new computer clean. It's cheaper in the fall, especially if you get it during a sale.

AVOID HP AT ALL COSTS! HP SELLS GARBAGE! They'll sell you a computer loaded with adware and pop ups only to charge you to fix a problem they intentionally manufactured.

Bring up the 'RUN' command box and type evt vwr. You'll see THOUSANDS of file tags that
aren't cleaned when you delete History/Cache/Cookies. Download CCleaner from
piriform.com (it's free). Download it to a removable storage device then run it from that
every time you delete History.
The first time around it will probably take 2 Hours or more to finish but it frees up Megs and
Megs of memory space. That should speed up Win 7 for you.
I think the problem could be with your RAM capacity , Hard Disk.
you may have to upgrade both.
For windows 7 it is recommended to have min 1GB for a 32-bit system and min 2GB for a 64-bit system.
make sure that your computer or processor is not overheated. excessive heat can cause reduction in performance
try doing a complete format and reinstall of windows after taking a full backup.
At this point, check temperatures in something like HWMonitor for your hard drive, GPU, and CPU. Anything above 65 degrees celsius may be worrying, but it will of course depend on operating temperature.

Try opening task manager to see if your RAM use is high or if your CPU use is high.

Perhaps your hard drive is failing? How old is it?

Fester Frump:
Outside of it's just being Windows?
Registry choked with old and unwanted files
RAM not being read or low amount
TOO much running in the background
TOO many cookies hogging the system
Old history hogging the temp and system space
They are just a few.
BUT there is an angle just round the corner…. IF you D/L Ccleaner from piriform you can clear your cookies and history and sort out your registry so that your machine will run at its best. (AND ITS FREE)
The computer becomes slow due to RAM issues, corrupt registry issues and fragmentation issues. So, first upgrade your computer RAM and then scan your PC with the help of computer cleaning software which will resolve the registry issues and defrags the drive as well.
Charlie Tuna:
1. – Hard drive is getting full – Uninstall unnecessary apps
2. – Too many background apps eating up RAM – Remove unnecessary apps from Startup (msconfig), or refer to 1. above
3. – CPU can't keep up with requirements of newer apps (for older computers) – Upgrade computer or CPU (if desktop PC)
When your computer is slow,what app are you using? If it's game, check whether your computer can run it smoothly by looking at the websites that tell about it; If it's website browser, check if your internet bandwidth is decent. Kill the background processes you don't need. Don't use software to download things.