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Best Answer:

Tandra: Independent comic book artist. I'm weird I know lol

Other answer:

I had a dream job as a programmer. It was across the street from where I lived (well, it was after I moved there). Unfortunately, a few years later, they moved to another building, but it was only a few blocks away.

They had a covered parking structure at the new building, however, it wasn't large enough for everyone and I wasn't an early bird, so the walk from the parking lot was further than desirable. In the winter there could be snow and in the summer there were goose droppings.

But the new building had a cafeteria, so I didn't have to bring my lunch. But they didn't have a non-smoking section. Eventually, the whole company went non-smoking, so that was great, but then they closed the cafeteria.

So, it was a bunch of ups and downs. And then they downsized.

Patricia Hollins:
My dream job is a freelance data entry ahent for a company that outsources
Bappy Bappi:
Freelancing is my dream Job
To be an Electrical Engineer
Purple Haze:
Self employment
Author + actress.