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I have 75mbps internet through comcast. Using Arris Surfboard SB6141 modem and a DLINK DIR 813 router. My internet is super slow and I am constant sitting watching the little circle spin and spin. What more do I need to do?

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Andy: Computer speed is limited by the slowest 'link' in the chain. Things that need to remain fast:

– Your ISP needs to deliver fast speed
– Your modem needs to have a 1 Gb LAN/Ethernet port
– You should be using Cat 5e (or above) network cables
– Your router needs to have a 1 Gb WAN/Internet port AND a 1 Gb LAN/Ethernet port(s)
– Your devices need to have 1 Gb Ethernet adapters in them (You shouldn't expect Wi-Fi to go as fast as Ethernet)

Remember that the website's (or game's) server you're dealing with also needs to be fast, and the routers handling the communication between your router and their site also need to running fast. None of these are things you have any control over.

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"What more do I need to do?"
Run a speed test and check what your actual speeds are. A good site to use for this is Then, connect your computer directly to the modem, not the router, and run the speed test again. This way, you'll be able to determine if its actually Comcast serving slow speeds, or if perhaps its the router that's slowing things down.
I will say that I have run a speed test and it was much faster when the Ethernet cord was connected directly from modem to laptop. So I do believe it is a router problem, however I have tried two different routers which resulted in the same problem.
If you want acceptable performance, I'd strongly suggest using a different ISP than Comcast.
Call Comcast and ask them if they'll take you to dinner first. Ya know before they screw you.