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Hello. My computer is running really really slow and I was wondering what is the best FREE cleaning program to potentially make my computer faster.


Other answer:

Many of the tools are built into Windows already.

Clean boot your PC.


  The guide above will show you have to disable all 3rd party programs. Though you should leave your real-time antivirus program enabled. Having too many programs start automatically can slow down Windows during start up. Run a quick scan with your antivirus after you restart.

Scan for Malware

  Download a copy of the free version of Malwarebytes and complete a quick scan. https://www.malwarebytes.org/antimalware… Be sure to install the free edition and not the Premium trail version. You’ll see what I mean when you run the installer.

Uninstall Programs

  Open Programs and Features and scroll though the list of installed program. Uninstall anything you don’t need. Research each item online if you aren’t familiar with the name of a program. Toolbars and other advertisement generating programs should be uninstalled.

Run Windows Update

  Open Windows Update and check for new updates. Install critical and recommended updates. Newer drivers can improve performance. If you have gaming video adapter then you might want to visit the manufacturer’s web site and download the latest driver. The most common manufacturers are Nvidia and AMD and many PCs also have Intel graphics. Newer drivers can improve 3D gaming performance.

Delete or Backup Old Files

 If Windows is giving warning messages about the pagefile then your hard drive might be too full. Try uninstalling 3D games, movies, and music or moving large media files to a different hard drive or disk partition so Windows has room to “breath.”

Run Disk Cleanup

  Right click the OS hard drive, usually C:, and select Properties. The Disk Cleanup button can be found on the General tab. Disk Cleanup removes temporary files and clicking the Advanced button will also add old Windows Update files to the list. Windows Update files can take up a lot of hard drive space which could be several GiB if you’ve never run the tool before.

Automatic Maintenance

  Some might recommend you run Disk Defragmenter but this is something Windows does for you automatically so it’s not something users should do manually. I believe Disk Cleanup is also run automatically but I don’t know if it deletes old Windows Updates by default.


  Programs like CCleaner do most of the above but include stuff like clearing browser temporary files which is largely pointless. Starting your browser in private mode will clear temp files automatically when you close the browser, for example. Avoid cleaning the registry as it can cause more problems that it fixes. If you do go against this advice know that CCleaner will backup the registry before it makes changes so be sure to save the backup file to a USB stick. If you PC doesn’t boot later or there is something else happens you can use the backup to revert the changes.

Final Option

  Sometimes a PC is so far gone that it would be best to restore and start from scratch. Backup your personal files to an external hard drive or USB stick then follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make the PC like new again.


  The tools built into Windows can do most of the work. Avoid too many start up programs, avoid installing junk programs, uninstall unused programs and avoid registry cleaning. If all else fails, restore and start over again.

Use CCleaner.
Your Windows disk.
Reinstall Windows will give you nice clean, as new, system.
My choice ccleaner

but you can do things as well….like….clean out your temp folder….run defrag….run your antivirus program….try not to have a ton of un-needed programs running on start up…

use CCleaner
use this..http://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/