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Whats your favorite? The best? Free, an antivirus with real time protection.. i know kaspersky and bitdefender are the best but money you know.. similiar to one of these two

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md. Hafizur: kaspersky

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md. Hafizur:
I recommend a blend of security tools. Each one serves a purpose in creating a secure computer. First one is Avast Antivirus. It is free and one of the best. It's real time scanning can stop a lot of infections. Then because nothing is perfect, Malwarebytes Antimalware as a backup. It's one of the best at removing infections once their on and the Pro version also blocks infections. Next is Malwarebytes Anit-Exploit. Infections can happen without user interaction. Any website you visit could potentially give you malware, even if it is a legit site. MBAE helps prevent zero day infections. Then an adblocker such as uBlock Orgin or the Windows Host File. Blocking ads is important as it is a common way to get an infection. Last but not least, YOU!! As long as you are smart in what you are doing, you shouldn't get anything.
I highly recommend the Comodo Antivirus since, I have used Comodo Free Antivirus for earlier Windows versions. But when I upgraded to Windows 10 I thought that I would stick to Defender. Performance was fine. But started getting unwanted pop-ups, and the system became slow. Switched to Comodo, and problems have been solved.
Try 360 Total Security. Its totally free & secure antivirus
Md. Ariful Islam:
Windows Defender
linux, or virtual machines are the best and my favorite and free. basically makes you immune to any/everything.

next best would be running web browser and any software you dont 100% trust in a sandbox environment (using something like sandboxie software). use malwarebytes free, any free av if you really need it would probably be fine. use an adblocking addon for your browser (like ublock origin) and then something like iflashcontrol to stop flash from autoloading. keep flash and java up to date at all time (or better yet dont use them).

Happy Gramps:
I have tried several and found that the windows is the best; windows security essentials for anything other than W10, and windows defender for W10………….they are free, and if a virus ever does get past them ( as happened to me once ) the folks @ microsoft will remove it for free
360 total security it has avira and bitdefender scan engines it is very good and free get at filehippo.com. hope this helps