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how much can i overclock without damaging the graphics card?
i have added a picture in this question please check it out and tell me if you know anything about it.

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Floyd: What's most important is the load temperature. As long as it stays under 85c the worst that will happen is the card will only last until 1-2 years after it's obsolete instead of 3-4 years. GPU overclocking programs put in software limits to prevent you from putting in an unsafe voltage.

Other answer:

How much you can over clock (OC) is a matter of luck. Some one chip may handle it better than another. No OC is truly safe. Even a small over clock can trash the card. Although the odds are very low.

Generally an OC you can do at stock voltage is considered safe. When you start increasing voltage is where problems really start. As this greatly increases temperature.

The best approach is to increase the speed in small steps. Then test for stability doing a burn in test such as Unigine Heaven for an hour. If unstable (crash) increase voltages as little as possible. Then do another burn in test. Watching the temps. Rinse and repeat until you reach the highest stable speed you can at the lowest voltage you can without overheating.

Once your settings are finalized perform an extended burn in test. Perhaps adding Prime 95 to max out the CPU at the same time. That way you can test out your entire cooling system and PSU.

I dont see the photo. I wouldent overclock a GPU that much because they allready get pretty hot
Since you refuse to tell which "Graphics Card" with an AMD chip on it, no safe guessing is possible. Contact maker, whoever that is, for any details on your problem. That is what "customer support" that you already paid them for is all about.
Or you can keep boosting it until it dies.