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I just got my laptop back from the shop and it says that I don't have enough space for anything. It was completely wiped out, I don't have anything. Any suggestions?

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More info?

What was done?
How much space is free?
What size disk etc.

If everything was "wiped" then you should only have the basic system on there, and plenty of free space.

What OS and version is it running. How big is the disk? What free space does it have?
Install WinDirStat –
It will tell which folders are taking up maximum space

To add more storage to your laptop, buy
– USB flash drive –… or
– USB external hard drive –…

If you have lots of HD movies, photos, video games, etc then it's better to move them to flash drive or external hard drive – to save space on laptop's internal hard drive

buy a portable hard dick and also restore ur important documents in pendrive or dick.