No wifi signal in next room brilliant in room with router?

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There are so many things that can interfere with a routers signal. David W is right, but even if it isn't so old there are still so many things that can cause trouble A replacement router isn't likely to help so don't bother trying to get your ISP to help you as others have suggested. You are probably out of luck without setting up more networking equipment. The fix will cost your a little bit. I recommend using power line adapters to move the router to a different location (assuming your home isnt wired for ethernet.) You can even use the powerline adapters to setup a second router in your room.
Renee G:
Mirrors & other metal in or on the walls really do a number on wifi signal strength. I got some 100 foot (90 meter?) Ethernet cables off eBay and ran them from the router, down the hall or stairs, and to the docking station for my laptop…works fine. I have had to replace one of the cables where it went around a corner & six years of temperature fluctuations (heating & cooling) had caused the wire to shift until it actually showed wear & tear….and apparently broke something inside the cover – new Ethernet cable and it is back up to speed).
David E:
How old is the house? For a number of years, the studs has slats nailed to them with chicken wire stapled to the slats and plaster on top of that. This creates a good Faraday Cage. It blocks signals very well. If that is the case, you will have to run wires all over the place.
Completely depends on what the wall is made of. If it's solid concrete/rebar, the signal won't pass through it.

Is this a home or a business?

Use Powerline adaptors with a wifi adaptor.