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My brother and I both share the wifi and split the bill but it's setup through his account.
Nothing against the person but we're both hesitant especially since it's going to be everday usage.
How comfortable would you be letting your neighbor have your password and use your wifi?

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If you check your ISP agreement usage is probably limited to those in the household. Most ISP's in the US prohibit sharing with neighbors just like cable companies prohibit sharing cable service. It is usually considered within the service agreement. In some cases it is considered "theft of service". So NO I do not let neighbors use my internet unless they are inside my house at the time. This is one reason there are so many routers that have "Guest Accounts".
PS those routers also isolate the wifi connections from the rest of your network so they can not see your computers!
One other consideration, you become totally responsible for any illegal downloads or hacking your neighbor might do on your system!
If they were to for example threaten the POTUS then expect the Secret Service to appear at your home asking questions. You'd have to explain that the connection is shared, no problem unless the break in shooting dogs and anything else that moves. It shouldn't be a problem, but can you really be sure? One way to protect yourself is to use a router that can be configured for OpenVPN service so that it is very difficult to track anyone down. They'd have to identify someone by data content rather than connection, and that means they'd find your neighbor rather than you.
Let your neighbor pay for some of the Wifi too
You have to worry about the legal issues. What if that person downloads child porn, and the cops track it down to your house and do a police raid to seize all your equipment. Don't laugh, it does happen, even in my town (been in the papers).
If there is one thing police do track down and try to stop is child porn. There are many international police forces working together to crack down on this. You have to ask why that neighbor does not have their own Internet? Were they caught before? Do all ISPs in your town refuse to give them service? Why? Does the neighbor have a court order preventing them from having Internet?

You have to answer all these questions first. Thus, the safest bet is to say "no", sorry….

I do this all the time for people, the best way to do this is to buy another router, this will isolate your router from theirs.
The other alternative is find a router that support Guest connection, most newer router like Netgear or Linksys will support this, what it does is simple, it create a separate wifi for guest connection, but anyone using it wont be able to access computers connected to the router except for the internet.

Use the password the company gave you. You have to communicate with your brother constantly about your browsing activities, if someday you notice a downgrade in the speed ask you brother if he was downloading or watching Hi-Res movies, if he says he didn't then you have to change your password because the neighbor could be using it. There are software that finds the passwords that allow people to use other's internet.

Taco Dance:
It depends on how I felt about the neighbor. If I liked him enough and trusted him I wouldn't have a problem with it. It should be known that someone who has access to your network can access other devices on the network. They would have to have a bit of know how to do stuff like this and most people aren't going to. But it is worth knowing that with access to your network he can do stuff like install spywhere on your systems that may steal your info and also just mess with your data.
If you trust they person I would just take the precaution to make sure your router's admin password isn't default, like the standard "admin" or "password."
They could potentially monitor and/or manipulate unencrypted traffic on your network or commit crimes using your wifi. They can redirect you to bad websites and get malware onto your computer using these techniques. Even if you trust your neighbor do you shouldn't trust their computer.Even if you trust your neighbor do you shouldn't trust their computer. Their computer can have malware on it that accomplishes the same things unbeknownst to them.