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I have a final project to do in computer programming in which I have 3 weeks to make, I want it to be semi difficult to make so it is little bit more impressive, also it has to use animation, arrays and so on to show that I know the things we have learned. I would love some suggestions on what to make.

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You could consider a Tetris clone.

If you want to do that, use stepwise development. So, for example, your first version would just have a square that starts in the upper right corner of the playing field and moves down to the bottom and stops. The user would NOT be able to control it's movement. So, every time you run the program it would do the exact same thing.

Next, add a different shape. Next, randomly change the orientation of the shape. Then add a start button. Then give the user the ability to move the object left and right. Then give the user the ability to rotate the shape.

Notice that at each stage, you'll have a program that works. Before adding a new ability, always save the working version so you will have SOMETHING to turn in, even if incomplete.

You probably don't remember BATTLECHESS (so google it …) and things like it. But it's a neat idea that you could 'transpose' to some other game – simply add some rule(s) to a Monopoly clone for when two pieces land on the same square, essentially (make the pieces 'fight eachother' and decide a prize for the winner or punishment for the loser).

HEY! Almost any boardgame has its 'squares' in an array with the connections being simply the order in the array, so for any of those you can put nearly all the data into a 2D array.

One nice animation element is having dice rolling on to the gameboard – a 2D board will do, but you have to have 3D dice and they need to be dynamically generated of course (or you get the same result every time). Of course you also wanna have 3D player pieces …

Google "vb6 games", pick up one of the ones you find and rework it from top to bottom, Change the rules, and the look-and-feel, make it entirely your own.

When you are working on the game, make sure you have a couple of hours ininterrupted – that's the only way to make progress with programming – you can't do it in 10-minute bursts, does NOT work.

You can make a ping pong game, the vb6 is to old.