Need free driver updates for windows xp..any suggestions.. please help me out.?

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mike: My suggestions?
Figure out what drivers you need and then look for them at the manufacturer's website. Make sure that they're designed for XP, though.

And keep in mind, XP is obsolete now. Yes, it's a very good OS, but very few modern programs still support it, and it is very unlikely that you'll find any new drivers.

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Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP. It's time for you to upgrade to Windows 10. Yes, you need to buy a new computer.
Taco Dance:
You want to get them directly form the manufactures website. For old systems that isn't always so easy. I come across computers that have no definitive manufacture and cannot track down any or all of the drivers. In those cases I use driver finder programs. I cannot recommend any of them though as they are always, in my experience. bundled with malware. I find myself Getting the drivers working. Then doing a different diagnostic to remove the malware that came with the free driver program.
The filehippo free and safe update app will do that for you on XP;…
Have you got service pack 3, the last;…
I should be more worried about your browser as the only one supported with security updates now seems to be Firefox, and your browser is your connection to the Internet so it needs to be up to date with security patches, don`t use one that isn`t;…
Regards, Bob UK.
You need to buy Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. It is time for an update. Viruses can strike your old windows system and Microsoft does not support it.
Do NOT use Windows XP any more. It is unsafe and insecure and no longer supported.