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So recently my computer refuses to start at the first try. I press the on button but absolutely nothing happens. Sometimes when i press it again it boots but the most of the times i have to turn the power supply on and off again which seems to help.
Can someone tell me what is the problem?

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when a pc is plugged in at the wall, and the wall socket is ON, then the pc although it's off it's really in a kind of standby state. This is because the mainboard and psu take a bit of time to charge up and settle down, and the ON button is NOT a SWITCH, its just a momentary short circuit that has to be detected, and a sort of simple circuit must tell the psu to START the pc so thats why the pc must be plugged in and on to sense the button push. This means that if the power is off at the wall socket the pc is simply not ready and in an unstable state for its FIRST start. Now some pc's are different to others, mostly because of the difference in PSU, but also because some cpu's are faster than others and may whizz through the startup procedure too quick, thus the first start might be susceptible to, 1) a gpu that fails to give a display(for no obvious reason) 2) a hard drive may show as NOT there 3) hard drive may misread the boot process and thus the bios might issue a boot error. so all this sounds like what you have got. possible things to try, 1) leave the pc on at the wall and remove any obvious issues such as dodgy socket extensions or unplug other things from it, 2) check that the power lead to the psu is making a really good connection and you havnt used a lead you have had for 20 years that never quite fits right 3) a GPU may have an issue and there may be a mainboard BIOS update for that gpu or similar one, so update your bios. For same reasons, a Hard drive may have a firmware update too and a complimentary mainboard bios update too regarding system starts. ** But always have the plug socket ON, and if you have just switched it on, wait at least 45 seconds before attempting a push of the start button, as a psu/mainboard may need time to settle down to a proper ready state. *** note turning on at the wall can in some cases actually cause a power on of the pc if the system really is a bit twitchy, but most systems stop this happening.
Give it a hard slap on the back, that usually works.

In seriousness, it sounds like a minor electrical fault in that the switch has a cable/wire which is not properly connected.

If the problem persists, my advice is you leave it switched on but put it to sleep when not in use.

Okay but before all of that, check these help videos from Youtube – how to switch on a PC without using the power button and etc.…

Smokies Hiker:
With the little information you provided, my guess would be that the power switch is failing. It's a relatively easy repair if you're the least bit mechanically inclined.
Sounds like a failing power supply, or its switch/socket.
Do a full disk clean up.
Go to control panel > administrative tools > disk cleanup.
Tell it to clean everything.
Do that about once a week.
it really just sounds like the ON button isn't working properly any more, if you are confident at replacing the part yourself then its a cheap job, if you cant do it yourself then its a very expensive fix
Your PSU is starting to have issues with capacitance. Expect to replace it within the next year or so.
Md.mosharaf Hossain:
its may be PC power button problem. check ur power button if so replace by the new one
Rather your button or your psu is failing
With no clues what "PC" hardware or what operating system, no accurate guesses.