My computer keeps on going slower and slower and nothing I have done so far works, what should I do?

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I cannot even play 720p videos anymore.

I have disk cleaned and used ccleaner I have malware and spyware I ran disk defragment, I got rid of all programs that are not used

I have completely cleaned my computer but nothing works!

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Try a disk speed tester like Parkdale. If the shown speeds are any less than 50MB/s in a laptop then i'd look at upgrading to a better hard drive or SSD. Also, check the amount of RAM you have installed in the computer. If it is less than 4GB it's pretty low for todays standards, and could be holding you up. If both of these seem fine, you may need to do a full windows reinstall.
Since your computer is getting slower, so in that case first clean the corrupt registry errors and defrag the drive as well. Also remove the unnecessary start up items. To do so, you can use one the best utility like Ccleaner or Ninja TuneUp software.
One of my instructors said this to me before, "the only way to make your computer faster is to get a new one". Even After defragmentation and the so called "disk-cleanup", nothing will stop a computer from slowly degrading.
That sounds like a virus,try to clear your computer with your Antivirus.If you don't have any,install MalwareBytes and scan your computer.If it doesn't help,just go to computer shop and ask them to fix it.If they fail,reinstall Windows
some types of antivirus software can consume a lot of your memory, also you can just open the task manager ans see what process has highest CPU, then you will know
Sum Ting Wong:
your start up menu in system configuration is probably filled wiht unnedded stuf turn of everything except security
Just reinstall the os, your problem will be solved.