My computer keeps blue screening what should i do?

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Well – blue screen – often called Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) indicates a hardware issue.

Depending on if this is a laptop or PC there are different options. Laptop usually would have to be opened up so if warranty is valid take it back to the store or whatever way you return a laptop with a fault.

Either way you can always try and see if computer works fine in a Safe Mode.

If this is PC then there are few things to check up.

Few main and common causes would be (1) overheating (2) faulty RAM (3) HDD errors /gone faulty (4) Graphics card faulty.

(1) see if all fans are spinning and if there is a sense of a lot of heat inside when you take a cover
You can downloal ie Everesthome which has an option to see levels of temperature detected by PC sensors
(2) faulty RAM requires download of RAM test application – usually you'd need spare USB Memory Stick as it'd you be run from there instead of loading up whole operating system. RAM chips would have to be testes one at the time so removing all of others is required for the time being, leaving only one in at the time.
(3) You can try to run 'Error checking and fix' on each drive you've got installed – it'd require restart of the PC for the run to start up.
(4) best way to see if GCard is faulty is remove it complately and hook up the monitor to the socket of build-in graphics or take the GCard to a friend to put it in and see if also BSOD comes up or install a spare (maybe someones GCard) for a while. Sometimes it would require for the PC to run for a while (few hours/ couple of days – depending on what were you doing when BSOD came up ie palying games or watching video)

Rarly but can help to re-install (clean up all drivers and Register) some of the software for ie monitor, Graphics card, sound card.

I think if you getting a blue screen your computer immediately reboots without being able to read the text in the blue screen follow the few steps bellow:
From the Desktop or in the Windows Start menu, right-click on My Computer.
Click the Properties Option.
In the System Properties Window, click the advanced tab or the advanced system settings link.
On the Advanced tab, click the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery section.
In the Startup and Recovery window, uncheck the automatically restart check box.
Click Ok.
B.S.O.D. Is mostly caused by a corrupt file. Mainly a driver file
A DRIVER is a file that allows a piece of hardware to communicate with the operating system.

Today even too many USB devices plugged into a PC while booting up can cause it.

Do a Microsoft system restore ( THIS IS NOT SYSTEM RECOVERY)

You can restore the PC to the day BEFORE it started happening.
You will not lose any files.

Go to Start and type SYSTEM RESTORE, hit enter
Choose a date , click enter /OK

NOTE If this is a laptop MAKE SURE the battery is at least 1/2 charged , AND it's plugged in.
( this is to make sure you have always power in-case of a power outage )
You'll be fine


Buy a green screen for a difference. Honestly if you need to ask then a format of your drive is ALL that is going to fix it.
jerry t:…

There are many solutions on the internet for BSODs. Google for fix bsod.

format and setup a new operating system ..
Sum Ting Wong:
update windows and run malwarebyes
Try to reboot it.
the best idea is to format the windows and install new one.