My computer is not booting. It is saying: Primary Master….None, Primary slave…None….?

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my computer is not booting. It is saying:
Primary Master.None,
Primary slaveNone.
I cannot start my computer. can anybody plz guide me what to do?

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Maria: open up machine and reseat drive connector and pwer connector after blowing off any dust. if you have ntfs drive,If it still does noes boot search on google for ntfs4dos; it is a free download . make bootable disk or cd and run chkdsk. if you still can't boot, you can at least copy important file sto new drive. If fat32 drive, you can do same with any dos boot disk w/ chkdsk.exe on it

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'Primary Master: None
Primary Slave: None"

From the above message on your first post it indicates that the BIOS does not see your HDD which means that it is either dead or perhaps the IDE cable may be loose.
Check in the case to make sure the IDE cable is properly seated.

If you can boot into the BIOS setup you can verify in the settings to see if the Primary Master is set as "Not Installed". If so you can try and change it to AUTO and see if it then picks up the HDD.

If you have not been making changes in the bIOS settings then this is likely not the case and the HDD may indeed be dead.

Sometimes attaching it to another PC may give you the chance to copy over your files before it goes completely dead.

You could try placing the HDD in the freezer inside a sealed bag for over night and then attach it to another PC. This may get it back to life long enough for you to recover your files!

How old is this laptop? Primary Master/Slave is old IDE disk technology terms, not used in modern machines. Mind you, some BIOS still call SATA drives "Primary Master", depending on age and type of laptop.
That all said, if the machine does not see any HDD, odds are high that the drive has failed totally, and there is no longer any valid boot disk in the system. You will have to replace it.
The hard drive is not being recognized !!! You need to boot into the BIOS and select the hard drive as the 2nd boot option. The CD/DVD drive should always be the first item in the boot order, and the 2nd the hard drive. The reason is IF the need is there you can put a CD/DVD disk in the drive and it will boot to that drive instead of trying to boot up from the hard drive. That is the standard and recommended boot order!!!
Either the cables to your hard disks went loose or the hard disks themselves are fried.