My boss blocked me on facebook.. What does that mean? She acts friendly towards me at work.?

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Most of it is Overgeneralizations on your part. You can choose to not take it the wrong way.

She either doesn't want to see your posts or doesn't want to you to see her posts. Basically she's trying to keep her work and personal life separate. Some people are very bad about using Facebook to air their dirty laundry or make political statements.

There could be many reasons for this…. that you don't know. She could be a raging pervert for all you know.

In my profession, we actually use Facebook in order to network with eachother for future contracts or trade tips.

Smokies Hiker:
As in most work environments, being friendly when on the company time may be different than socializing when you're off the clock. Facebook is the enemy of most employees. That's how the boss knows what's going on with their employees.
Heathens Take It Slow:
She probably doesn't enjoy whatever you're posting on facebook, spam posts or inappropriate things. Maybe she just wants to keep you at a work friendly level not friend friendly level.
She has her right to her privacy! It would be unprofessional to be in contact with one's subordinates on a media platform such as Facebook. Don't read anything bad into it! She is your boss! Letting you enter her Facebook world is like inviting you into her home! It is not proper etiquette between employer and employee!
Aortas Insotomia.:
Your boss doesn't want to be friends with you outside the normal work environment. She is being professional and distant with you while at work. It is better to be on good terms with your employer. You should be grateful that you have a good boss who is friendly and cordial at work. I had belligerent male bosses who looked down at all the employees.
It's probably because so you wouldn't have to show your friend employees the posts she make and she possibly might think your a snitch no offense.I bet she blocked all her employees so none of them would report her post to the police and acts friendly so you wouldn't have problems/arguments with you so you guys would get along.
Most likely, she just wants to maintain a certain amount of professionalism in the relationship. To get a management position anymore you have to do personality screenings. The individuals that pass this screening tend to not see work as a place to build and/or harness personal relationships. Her behavior most likely isn't personal just professional.
She behaved very normally. Accepting or Rejecting friend request on facebook will be her own choice. May be she don't like some thing you are sharing… that may be some content ..or that may be frequency of sharing messages etc…or she don't want to spend more time on facebook..
To be honest, you shouldn't want to share your Facebook with anyone at work. You have a bad day at work, come home and rant on Facebook, suddenly you are getting written up at work or fired.