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must be able to play video games
be very fast
do school work.
also i would like to avoid mechanical hard drives, it must be an ssd. ive had bad luck with mechanical hard drives, they failed me in like 5 years.
also i still use my old 20 inch lcd should i upgrade? it works just fine but i dont know if i should get something more higher definition?

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You should really ask this question on PC Partpicker. If you're going to spend $1900 then you might as well build your own.

Also, does that $1900 include a keyboard and mouse, along with a monitor? You can easily spend $300 on those 3 parts.

IMO, the money doesn't go as far as it used to. SSD drives are becoming a staple to a build and graphics cards aren't as cheap as they were a few years ago. I build my own person systems for CPU overclocking so I don't go cheap on the motherboards, RAM, and cooling.

I once saw in best buy a gaming computer going for about $2000 I assumed it was top of the line computer hardware plus it was red and looked really fancy. Maybe you can look at display models if your rich lol.
to spend 1900 on a gaming computer you really have to be wasting a lot of money
Build one
The cooler is normally $35 on Amazon and Newegg but it's out of stock there right now. if you need a really good monitor.
Renan: there you go