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So? So? So what? Its just a boring stubborn question.
Baldrick- I Have A Cunning Plan:
It's an e-mail address 🙂
So? So? So what? Its just a boring stubborn question.
SCAM!! It has zero to do with the military and all they want is your money.


DO NOT SEND A PENNY TO ANYONE ANYWHERE OVERSEAS!!! He/she is NOT in the US military and he/she is NOT in Ukraine, Ghana, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bosnia, Kosovo, Spain or Port Elizabeth!


You are chatting with a young NIGERIAN MAN, not an American service member and he/she is NOT a Marine enlisted/officer or an Army soldier/officer, or an Air Force enlisted/officer, or a Navy enlisted/officer. He/she certainly is NOT a Colonel or a General! His/her email address would be "" or similar if he was REALLY in the American military. ALL official U.S. military addresses end in ".mil."

The person you are talking to is actually a young NIGERIAN man – Got that – A NIGERIAN MAN! – in an internet cafe in Central Africa or Nigeria, daily sending out hundreds of emails, Tweets and Facebook messages to dozens of lonely gullible, STUPID men and women to send them pictures stolen off the internet of real American military personnel and spin a web of lies that include:

"I need you to buy me a satellite telephone so I can call home/call you." – NO, most places can be called via cell phone or Skype can be used.

"I need you to pay so I can call home." NO, not unless you want to pay for his/her STATESIDE telephone service. The military and the locals will not be charging him/her to call.

"I need you to buy me a military calling card." NO, there is no such thing!

"I am a widower/widow with children and I am looking for the love of my life." – NO, that is just a "sob story" and he/she is really just looking for a gullible fool.

"I need you to help me get my Bonus Pay." – NO, there is no such thing as "Bonus Pay" in the American military.

"I need you to apply for Regular or Emergency Leave for me." – NO, only the service member can apply for Leave, either Regular Leave or Emergency Leave.

"I need money to apply to take Leave" – NO, there is no fee to apply for Regular Leave OR Emergency Leave and a service member CANNOT take Regular Leave while deployed unless his/her deployment is a full calendar year and then it is at the halfway point (six months). The service member can ONLY take Emergency Leave (serious illness or death of an immediate family member) if the deployment is less than a full calendar year.

"I need you to pay for a 'Fiancee Registration Form' so I can start the paperwork to marry you." – NO, there is no such form for any branch of the military and fiancĂ©s/fiancees NEVER have to "register" with the military.

"I need you to pay for a proxy marriage form so the military can marry us." – NO, there is no such form and the military DOES NOT and CANNOT perform marriages.

"I need you to pay for the military marriage certificate." – NO, there is no such thing as a military marriage certificate.

"I need you to pay my Basic Travel Allowance." – NO, there is no such thing in the American OR British military. It is an invention of Nigerian scammers…con artists…criminals.

"I need to send you money so you can deposit it in your account and IMMEDIATELY send money to my 'trusted agent' (or someone else who is part of their scam)." You will put the "deposit" in your account, immediately send the money on from your account and then find out in a few days that the "money" you were sent was phony and that YOU now owe the bank every penny you sent on to the other crook.

"I need you to submit and pay for my Rest & Relaxation Application form." – NO, there is no such thing as a "Rest & Relaxation" form/application.

"I want to retire and I need you to pay the fee to apply to retire." – NO, there is no fee to apply to retire or to actually retire.

"I can't access my banking account!" – YES, American military people do have access while on deployment.

"I'm not getting paid while deployed!" – YES, American military are paid by direct deposit to their home bank.

"I'm retiring/finishing my deployment and I need your help to pay my plane ticket home OR pay to ship my personal effects home." – NO, when finishing a deployment the service member is provided transportation back to his/her Duty Station in the States including his/her personal effects and a service member has to return to his/her home base to process out for retirement.

"I have leave approved and I need you to pay for my plane ticket." – NO, the service member has access to his/her own money and does not need you to pay.

"I need you to send money to 'my Commander,' 'my Trusted Agent' OR 'a friend' by Western Union to some armpit 3rd World country for one of the above phony reasons – NO, there are no such people and Western Union is the choice because it cannot be traced or recovered.

All of that said, he/she is NOT your "friend," "boyfriend," your "partner" or your "fiancĂ©/fiancee." He/she is just a crook. ALL this person wants is for you to be stupid and send money…clear enough?

The following is the link you need to follow and READ:…

Move on and meet real people face-to-face. Stop the fantasies. If you can't figure out what I am saying then send the money because you are too dumb to be able to breathe and blink your eyes at the same time.