Microsoft replaced my windows 7 with their windows 10. Shouldi go back to windows7?

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I don t see a lot of difference between the two.. For my purposes, 10 seems tto work ok.
What we really liked best was windows XP.

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Hello John.

I think the majority of Windows OS users agree that XP was the best there is, however I consider there is a vast difference between W7 and 10 but not that much difference between W8.and W10.

I must advise extreme caution if you want to restore 7 from 10.

When I upgraded, like you from W7 to W10 I was not too keen on 10 so decided to revert back to 7. 10 allowed me to do this but it appeared to leave a number of files on my Hard Drive which messed up some of my programs. My Desktop manufacturer informed me that a great many people had reported the same problem.

When I decided to restore W7 from the inbuilt system restore partition of my Desktop it would not allow me to do this because the restore data had become corrupted by the files W10 left behind.

Thankfully I had a hard copy of W7 so I did a complete reinstall but I had to back up what I could before doing it or I would have lost everything.

I now have 3 computers, one running 7, one running 8.1 and the other running 10. I have now got used to 10 and although I am still not over keen on it I find it quite easy to use.

Good luck if you decide to restore your W7.


We are M$. Resistance is futile. Your puters and lappies will adapt to service us. We will add your technology to our own. M$ has announced that Windows is NOT a top priority. Pushing people to use the cloud and mobile has become their focus now. The truth about Windows 10 is coming out.

That depends on if you value privacy and choices. As you have found out, M$ is willing to do anything to get the market share of 10 to increase. You question implies that M$ downgraded you to 10 without you knowing. That alone should be an clear indicator of what you're in for using 10. They make the promise that you can go back if you don't like it but they also deleted your recovery partition so you could not use it to do a clean install of the original OS. Another one of those clear indicators. To them, stealing your privacy is more important then your right to choose which OS you want. Going back to your original OS is your best bet. Windows 10 is a nightmare of an OS that is going to get worse as time goes by. Between the forced updates to the built in back door you will have no idea what is happening to your puter.

Since it has been less then 30 days try this. Back up everything important and then try clicking Start, Settings, Update & security, Recovery, Go back to (last version)

It is my opinion that M$ deletes the recovery partition on purpose because they know 10 is a disaster and want to do everything possible to keep users going back to their old OS. I guess if you write as many bad OSes as they do you got to find a way to make it look like everyone likes it.

If you do go back make sure you DO NOT let these updates in. The first updates to hide is what got 10 installed in the first place. Go to the control panel and click on Windows updates. In the upper left corner click on change settings. Then change important updates to never check for updates. This puts your updates in the manual mode. Reboot the system and go back to your control panel. Click on Windows updates and then click check for updates. Find the update KB 3035583, KB 3095675 and hide them so it does not get installed again.

You should also hide these updates KB 3068708 KB 3022345 KB 3075249 KB 3080149 These updates give 7 and 8 the same spying capability as 10 has.

You should also hide these updates KB 2952664 KB 2976978 KB 2977759 KB 3050265 KB 3050267 KB 3068708 These have to do with compatibility with being upgraded to 10 and need to be dealt with.

Make sure that you keep updates in manual mode and read what they are installing. M$ is VERY desperate to increase 10 market share.

You should go back to Win 7 if:

1) your computer doesn't run correctly on Win 10

2) your programs don't run on Win 10

3) you don't like WIn 10

Otherwise, why go back? Makes no sense. I always encourage users to stay with modern day technology when they can. The Win 10 upgrade is free, so to me if there are no unfixable issues with respect to the upgrade, then it's a no-brainer to take advantage of the free upgrade offer.

Integration 20:
Windows XP was a wildly insecure operating system. It really wasn't the best.

If you go back to Windows 7 without using a Windows install disk, you will have nothing but problems.

Barry Manilow:
I don't get what all the complaints about 10 are. Sure the tiles are unnecessary but it can easily be replaced by the standard classic start menu. My system runs great since switching to 10 from 7. In fact better.
No. You shouldnt go back to Windows 7. You should use Windows 10 – much more security, many new features, always up to date for the future.
If it works OK then I say keep it. You have up to 30 days to go back to your previous OS if you find something doesn't work right.