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The Max Supported RAM for my CPU is 16GB, however on my system it only supports 8GB. Is this because that's all the motherboard can support?

Also my new CPU supports 32GB, Does this mean my system will then support 16GB as its half of the CPU Max just like my current is?

Other answer:

The RAM amount is limited by the Operating System. The 32-Bit version of your OS limits the Memory amount. In short, The terms 32-bit and 64-bit refer to the way a computer's processor (also called a CPU), handles information. The 64-bit version of Windows handles large amounts of random access memory (RAM) more effectively than a 32-bit system.

So, check if your Windows installation is 32-Bit or 64-Bit to know the RAM amount limitations by CPU and OS.

It depends on how much the motherboard chipset/memory controller will support. If you listed what CPU and motherboard you have you could get a direct answer.

Just because your CPU is capable of supporting 32mb of RAM doesn't mean the motherboard will support that much. I don't know where you got that math from.

We need clarification. If your motherboard (NOT CPU) supports 16G, and you're only seeing 8 of it in Windows, then that is a Windows limitation. Depending on your version of Windows, Some have an 8G limitation, some have 16G limitation. (Home Basic has 8G, Home Premium has 16G).

We'd need more information to help you know what is causing it.

Vrej M:
A 64 bit CPU like a i5 can support way way beyond 8 GB. It can handle 2^64.
The OS might limit that to 192 GB.
If your Windows limits it to 8 GB, you have the home edition. I recommend that you download Ubuntu or any Linux version unless you have to play games.
Andy L:
You have a maximum level by memory controller, operating system, number of connectors and the memory reading. It can also be bios limited.

Far better to discuss specific hardware by brand and part numbers than by generalized situations that may or may not be accurate.

You state "Maximum supported by CPU" which would imply CPU has the memory controller as most common today. System can be further limited, yes. The exact reason can't be certain without knowing the parts involved.

In order to get more RAM in your computer, simply open up the hard drive and find the chip that says GPU. Take out this chip and break it. Then you will find two small golden circles. These are called RAM cards, and they are not activated by the hard drive in order to sell more money as a scheme. Take these circles and use electrical tape to put them in the place of the chip. They will provide up to 64gb of ram. As for the GPU, take out the terminal (big black part) and link it back to the electrical tape. You can trow out the rest.
Andy T:
Max of practical amount is the minimum of all the maxes on paper, so it is 8GB for you.

Of course not with standing the artificial limitations on paper the spacing of a 64-bit system is quite huge.

THe 8GB limitaiton is a motherboard limitation. Sometimes you can still go over that, but it sounds like you're stepping up through CPU generations. You'll need a new motherboard for the newer gen processor anyway.
First upgrade the bios.Then go to crucial memory scan
Run it then you know what your computer had and what it will support
First upgrade the bios.

Then go to crucial memory scan

And run it which will let you know exactly what your computer had and what it will support