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How these virus get to my computer so easily even i clean it up next day it effect again my Steam is the one get infected so easily how is that so possible

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danial: You need to look at the sites you are visiting, emails you are opening, and what you are downloading. Also make sure your Windows and other updates are all current, things like Java and Flash player are common infection sources, especially if they are out of date.

I use an old Linux PC for internet stuff and email as it's MUCH more secure, and don't browse the internet or open email on my Windows Steam machine. It's connected to the internet obviously, but if you don't use it for that it's pretty safe.

Other answer:

Look in the service operation. You can Identify it, disable it from there. You can enter in the service programs by opening up the task manager, service tab, then within that application, click on open services. Be Careful on what you disable. What ever malware is effecting your PC, try to identify the name of it. Or if all else fails, do a system recovery to an earlier date.
Your question is kind of confusing. What do you mean your steam got infected. Your steam machine? But to answer how to get rid of malware, you should use things like malwarebytes or zemana.
Laurence I:
you dont have a firewall. also you must clean boot an OS in other words a OS thats known to be good, example a CD. Hiren's cd 15.2 is a good clean os disk. you can boot to minixp and run AV's to clean your disk. you need to do this for two reasons. 1) virus's often hide processes, so you may need to use rkill repeatedly to kill them off. booting a clean os avoids this altogether. 2) Rootkits can hide themselves by providing fake values for disk sectors so when AV's scan them, they detect no threat.. so boot a clean OS, run a ROOTKIT remover(mcafee and trend micro provide good free tools for this). RUN a full AV SCAN. RUN a FULL AM scan by SpybotS&D or Malwarebytes. after that your pc should be ok to boot, but you will need a good firewall.
Use hitman pro and zemana to clean it. Dont use malwarebytes.