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What are some safe websites for a teenage girl to make internet friends?

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None whatsoever ! Never saw "Catch a Predator" TV show ? Guys driving 200 mile to meet with teens ?
Stick with your local friends, not much on the Internet was ever safe. The "teen" you are chatting on the Internet with is usually some 20-40 year old guy. There are local groups, and local safe teen spots were you physically meet people. I know a lady who's teen girl ran off with some older "guy" that was just so amazing. They found her a few days later alive and not harmed. That is usually not the case. And yes, there are now ladies that will do the same thing, taking advantage of your youth. The papers are full of them.
None! There is no way to make a friend except by personally interacting with a real live person!

Get off the computer and go see real live people and do healthy activity's a fantasy life on line is not healthy.

Whisper is a good place to share opinions and make friends, but just be careful. Guys are real perverts these days.
Real Life
I know one, it's called go outside, where you actually go out into the real world and meet real people.
Safe doesn't exist on the internet.
Usually video games and skype
NONE……………Too many Kooks Out There
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