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I am looking for a truly long range adapter. I don't want an alfa whatever, giving me 200 ft.I need a adapter that can reach about 100-250m minimum and need something that can reach it without having to buy other stuff. I don't care a whole lot about costs, but within $60 is preferred, if higher, oh well.
This is for my pc not a router

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Not possible for $60. You would have to install outdoor antenna(s) or other high gain antennas, with wireless gear that can work that distance (timing issues).
There is no basic "adapter" for a computer that can go that distance.
You have to remember that wifi is line of sight (LOS), you have to be able to see each end with the other device. Wifi does not go over hills, through trees, or past any other obstacle.

There are possibilities with PC adapters, if they can attach an external antenna. With those, you can possibly attach a high gain antenna, put it out in the open (and clear) spot, and try to connect. However, the device you are connecting to has to also understand the extra delays in traveling 250M. Most home type of routers may start to get timeouts due to the extra long wifi propagation delays.

Robert J:
You need specialised units at _both_ ends of the link to guarantee a reliable connection at that distance.

This is the type of kit you nee to be looking at:

Or slightly cheaper, two of these configured as a bridge:

For that sort of reach, you are beyond normal home routers. So cost wise, you will be looking at $50,000 or so. Maybe more…
250 meters???…..over 800 feet???…under $60???…..yeah lay cat 5 cable on the ground….
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