Is windows XP still in use?

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Yes. I have Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3.
You can use but i prefer to use an upgrade version like win 7 or 8 . WIndows has stopped upgrades and supports to win xp .
Md kamal:
Yes, in many country like Bangladesh there are many user still use XP.
Some people still use XP, but Microsoft is not longer providing any support for it.
Smokies Hiker:
In use …yes, protected from all viruses…no. Windows will still issue some updates if the update covers all their current versions of Windows.
Jeremie J:
i still have windows xp on my dads laptop
I still use it, and I'll probably wait for Windows 10 before buying another computer.
William H:
Still have it and love it.No issues to date. Understand Windows 8 not too good.
Yes ther is NO issue and NO requirment to stop using it. Service patches only slow the system down and fill the storage up. Have NEVER installed any and do not need or intend to.
Yes, but as of April 2014 support and upgrades for the system has stopped making it highly vulnerable as far as security. fwiw, you can run any older system you wish.