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ive heard windows 10 is really bad, and difficult to the designers have intentionally made it difficult to use?

what are your experiences with windows 10?

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Win 10 received a lot of negative press just prior to its release. Much of that negative press still lingers because those websites that stated it are still on the internet. The thing is, dating back to the beginning of Microsoft, EVERY time they came out with a new OS, there was negative press just prior to the release.

Win 10 boots up to a desktop exactly like Win 7. have you ever seen Win 7? if so, then say hello to Win 10.

Where Win 10 is different is when you click the start button and how your programs are displayed. In XP, VIsta, Win 7, they were called programs. In Win 8, and Win 10, they are called apps, but they are the same thing, just a new name. But when you click the start button, your apps appear whereas in Win 7 for ex you had to go to 'all programs' to see them.

I manage over 100 users at my company. Everyone from users who are computer geek types to users who are terrified to touch a keyboard when anything new appears on their screen. Not one single person had any issues using Win 10 when we converted.

If you are considering upgrading an old computer, this is where your issues will appear, IF, they appear. Reason is because a lot of older model computers have major hardware incompatibility issues with Win 10. This is nothing unusual when a new OS comes out…hardware and software oftentimes doesn't work without a patch or some sort of upgrade. Anyway, if this is your scenario, MAKE SURE your hardware is compatible before you upgrade.

If you're buying a brand new computer that comes with Win 10 pre-installed, you won't have any issues.

But any questions you might have with Win 10 are easily resolved by coming here to Yahoo Answers.

Difficult to use? I use it the exact same way I used Windows 7 because the core workflow of Windows hasn't changed much since XP.
Pontius Autopilot:
It's fine and easy to use but is different from 7 so it will take a while to get used to it
No worse than previous versions and some improvements
Horrible interface like something from fisher price but you can customise it away
Fine for me.