Is Wifi harmful. Can someone explain it to me. Please be honest please!!?

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Jovsan: The amount of energy used for WiFi is extremely low. WiFi has a maximum reliable range of perhaps 50 m. A cellular phone has a workable range of at least 3 km. A cell phone can probably deliver between 1000 and 5000 times the amount of power that WiFi produces. In addition, unless you are using a speaker phone or hands free phone, then you will probably will have the phone less than 5 cm from your brain. You are probably unlikely to have sensitive parts of your body within 50 cm of a WiFi device and 100 cm of a router. So the exposure is likely to be at least at least 100 times less if the phone and WiFi were to use the same power (although cell phones actually use much more power).

So you could be exposed to more radiation from using a cellular phone held to your ear for 30 seconds than you will receive from WiFi over several days.

Even being in the same room as a cell phone that is switched on but not in a call is likely to expose you to much more radiation than you will get from WiFi.

There are no known serious health effects from legal WiFi networks.

I hope this helps.

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There are two views on this.One says wifi (which is really very low power radio signals) has no health effects. The other is that it does have harmful effects. Ask your doctor.
I am not sure… and also you should not keep your phone in your pockets or any where else on your body, it can cause cancer…
No, it is not.
No, it is not.
No, it is not.
No, it is not.
No, it is not.
No, it is not.