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My average lately has been about 100 WPM, is that fast. A few months ago I was hovering around 85-90
I know people online who can type 150 wpm+ and I envy them so much ;/

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From what I was told, it's pretty good. Of course, it may have been because I was a male I tended to however around 150 words per minute, in college when I was typing every day. After college, I dropped down to between ninety and hundred words per minute and was still told it was exceptional by those who questioned my speed. Yes, they questions that I could type that fast.

Since then, being around people who type every day, they seem to be doing good to hit fifty words per minute. For that matter, some still hunt and peck. Unless you're going to be a secretary, I don't think you have any problems.

Andrew Gant:
100 WPM is insane, you'd be a bomb *** Secretary. I was 2nd place in my school a couple years back at roughly 70 WPM
Thats extremely quick. A lot of live chat operators have a benchmark of around 50 words per minute to be considered for the role.
Really fast. 40+ is considered a competent typist
so fast
Yes, Its very fast. 100WPM. Wow ……..