Is tutorial is the best way of learning ?

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If you attend an actual class, there is no guarantee that the teacher is especially good.

And you have to be able to keep pace with the class, which may or may not be a problem for you.

I consider tutorials to be better than videos, because videos are simply attempting to duplicate a classroom experience, however, you cannot ask questions, and you usually don't have a textbook like you'd have with an actual class. It's also a bit difficult to review a video.

I prefer tutorials to websties that have you enter your code on the site and grade it, because the grading programs are kind of stupid — they usually require you to enter the code exactly in a certain way.

The problem, of course, with tutorials is that you have to have the discipline to keep going and you have to be able to grade yourself. But, you *CAN* ask questions — here. As long as you are able to ask properly focused questions.

The other thing about tutorials is that you can find more than one, so you aren't stuck if one isn't great.

And, instead of asking us if tutorials are "best", you can try them out yourself and see how it goes. And if you find that you aren't doing well, you can either switch to another method, or conclude that you should drop the subject entirely.

Yes, tutorial is one of the easiest way of learning.But many tutorials contain wrong information or contents. So make sure the tutorials you are reading or following have good contents.
I don't think so. If you have any questions, you can't ask a tutorial to explain what you don't understand.

Learning doesn't necessarily have to be in a class room setting, but some kind of instructor who knows the material should be available to ask question to, and to guide you. Otherwise, you can pick up bad programming habits that you'll have to one day unlearn.

Everyone has their own best way to learn. Some like tutorials, some like in person instruction, some like classrooms, try to find your best method and use it.
Tutorial are best they teach u that things that u can not understood from your regular classes and from teachers
Everyone has his/her own preferred way to learn because everyone learns in different ways
I would say yes