Is this fast for a computer? I usually use my computer while having 8 tabs on a browser open while playing a game like minecraft?

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8 GB ram
64 bit
Touch Screen
Intel Core i5-4200 CPU @ 1.60GHZ 2.60GHZ
Is this good for a computer.

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Luke: There's not really enough information there. That particular i5 is a dual-core and it's a low power variant, but it is still a modern Intel CPU, so overall I'd put it mid range. In general use the big impact will be how good the drive is – a quality solid state drive will trounce any mechanical hard drive for speed but a mechanical drive will give you tons more space for less money. For gaming what counts is the graphics, and if it's relying on the integrated graphics gaming performance will not be great.

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totally meh
my computer handles more every day on older hardware and doesn't ever get loaded down.

without heavy duty workstation use you're never gonna be able to use that computer to its fullest…

try using folding@home using half your processor, use 7zip to ultra compress a huge file, chrome with 15 tabs open, vlc saving a mp4 1080 movie in the background, and play minecraft on a 1 gb map with unmined on your second monitor viewing the 1 gb map, fraps recording your game…
then thats a real test of your computer

with traditional hard drives that would lock up your system. with my computer using a ssd as primary and several hdds as secondaries that still wouldn't lock up my system and i have a in older 2009 computer thats 6 years old now!

btw i've done that once or twice.

Argus Tuft:
Those specs are now middle of the road when it comes to pc hardware.
the ram is ok and the cpu is good but depending on the gpu and such its ok i guess for a computer
what gpu does it have? if it does not have a dedicated one then it will be slow