Is there any way to limit my neighbor's wireless internet speed?

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He got the permission to access to my wireless network. The problem is that he connect too many devices, which lead to a very slow internet speed for me. Is there any way to limit his speed easily?

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If the router can be set to 802.11b only WiFi, select that mode, and add a wireless access point with a different network name and pass phrase and set your devices on this new network.

Alternatively, see if you can get a wireless access point with 10 Mbps Ethernet, or get a current version WAP and a 10 Mbps Ethernet hub, then transfer the network name and pass phrase from the router to the WAP. Then set up your router with a new network name and pass phrase.

Either of these solutions should slow down your neighbour assuming you have a reasonably fast connection.

From your spelling of neighbour (neighbor), are you in the USA. Tell your neighbour you have warned not to share your ISP connection as it is illegal. Check it out first.

Another trick – change the network name and hide it if the router supports it. Also, change the pass phrase, then tell your neighbour that your WiFi has failed.

Be aware that sharing your ISP connection can be dangerous. Any illegal activity on the ISP connection will be held against the account holder. It is possible for your neighbour to see your computer(s) and he might be able to access confidential information. Finally, you could be open to malware or virus attacks arising from your neighbour.

I hope this helps.

Yousuf Khan:
Certain Internet routers which you can buy, which allow you to set priorities for several connections, basically high priority, medium priority, and low priority. In such a router, you can put your own devices on high, while putting his on medium or low. An example of a router that does this is the D-Link DIR-850L, but there may be others available like this too. Search for routers that support the "QoS" (Quality of Service) standard.

Of course the simplest thing is to simply change your password and stop his access, but I suppose you want to remain a good neighbour. If you are concerned about being a good neighbour to him, then he should be concerned about being a good neighbour to you too, so you can simply ask him to limit his usage voluntarily.

Mav Maverick:
Tell your neighbor to get their own Internet service. If this is a common residential account, "sharing" your connection is probably a violation of your provider's Terms of Service document and generally would be viewed as theft in most jurisdictions. Your provider is delivering a service to you and I assume you pay for that service. If your neighbor is getting internet service from that provider as well, the provider is entitled to be separately paid for that service. The rest of us pay more when we have to cover the overhead passed along to us by people who use services they do not pay for…

I don't particularly want to pay for your neighbor's housing or food…. I suppose I can add internet service to that as well.

Boris 24:
Talk to neighbor to limit his internet devices.
fuc.kk your neighbor
Why not change your password and reset your router????